About Us


It all started when...

Jen and I  met some great aboriginal people from Fitzroy Crossing about 10 years ago.  They invited us to visit their home town and we soon became good friends (thanks June, Em and Pat).  We kept going back and getting involved in community projects.  In my spare time I went walking and was staggered to find some truely beautiful country within walking distance of the town. We also could not help noticing the problems in the community with unemployment and disadvantage borne out of the trauma arising from the horrific history since white man arrived.  We wanted to do something so I combined my walking passion with the beautiful  country and community needs - could we start an ecotourism business based in Fitzroy Crossing utilising local guides - something few other Kimberley tour companies do.  Kimberley Country was born in 2016.  The project will not be complete until it is sustainable and 100% of the ownership is transferred to, and the business is run by the people of Fitzroy Crossing.  Profits are all returned to the business. Bill and Rob are not paid. Kendo, Rory and Shannon are our aboriginal guides and great friends.

Bill Layton