Feedback from 2017 Walks

Janet Pruden18th August 2017

Thanks for a great week --It was very good for lots of reasons but especially for my soul --the country, camaraderie, indigenous understanding and folklore, adventure and simplicity of the life--it couldn't have come at a better time. Your leadership was an integral part of making the week so good --very relaxed and low key but really on the front foot when it counted.

Helen MacDonald   5th August 2017

It really was a fantastic experience  - the more we think about it, the more we realise just how priveleged we were to see that fascinating part of our country and learn more of its rich and often difficult history.  Yes, it was trying sometimes - holy jumping frogs Batman! - but without some hardships we would never have experienced the beauty of the remote Kimberley, nor met some of the wonderful indigenous people.  We think what you and Jenny are doing is just fantastic.  And I have to say, I feel really proud that we put ourselves out there and feel richer for it.

Phillip Gray 19th July 2017

What a fantastic trip! A significant experience!  I applaud your vision and commitment to put it all together - it's people like you who make a difference in this world. Thank you for all your care and meticulous planning to ensure such a successful trip - it's a huge responsibility to take on. I loved the scenery and the stories. This truly gave me new insights into the significant issues facing our indigenous peoples and has provided me with much food for thought around these complex issues - would that there were simple solutions, but maybe it's just about people like you and Emily and June all making your contributions for a long term solution

Denis Kirkcaldie 23rd July 2017

Just a quick note to thank you for a most memorable week's experience in the Kimberley's. It lived up to our expectations, and seeing the unspoilt terrain and sheer enormity of it, has made a huge impact. The access to many contrasting sites and the aboriginal art further heightened our experience. The quality of the company was the icing on the cake

Julia Anderson22nd July 2017

Many thanks again for a truely wonderful guided tour in the Kimberleys!!!!!!  We loved the week.  It enriched us and was good for our health and souls!!  We had such a fun and happy week. 

 Greg Smith 18th July 2017

Evening all, what a great week thanks to Bill and Rob. Thoroughly enjoyed the company, the conversation, the country and the cuisine

 Leith Doody17th July 2017

I cannot thank you enough for organising and delivering the Kimberley Walks week for us. It was truly a "once in a lifetime" - and probably never to be repeated experience! Clearly you had put in an extensive amount of care and preparation into the planning, which paid off in spades.

But more so the tour itself was singularly unique and quite impossible to replicate, for which you should be most proud. In particular, the fact that you have been putting in so much effort and practical support to try and create a business that the local community maybe able to take over as a sustainably commercial enterprise. 

..... and all of this without fracturing the very mystique that so many "white fellas" overlook in the shamanistic empathy and spiritual connection which the Aborigines have with their land and community.

This was particularly exemplified by the discussions had with Kendo and Rory, after rapport had been established. Could you please thank them for all that they did for us on the tour: in particular Kendo's modest approach in leading us to some quite amazing sites and Rory's care in shepherding those of us often straggling at the rear thence both of them quietly sharing stories, landmarks, animal spores and tracks with us in such an inclusive way. Their sense of humour was most amusing, too!

Being taken off the beaten track, as you did was quite amazing.

The "Welcome to country" smoking ceremony was very moving and being allowed to view such little seen Rock Art, a great honour.

Your meals were also a pleasure and a delightful finish to each long day's adventures.

Waking up in the morning, listening to the cacophony of the birds and looking out to see the sun start to rise across the horizon reminded me so much of camps Don set up for us as children, on the banks of the Murrumbidgee near Hay.

The contrasting colours of the red dirt, vivid blue waters, beautiful blue-green eucalypts and sheer rock cliffs were quite mind blowing - contrasting with the harsh (and at times) vicious vegetation - such that I had never seen or unfortunately felt before!

Yet the culmination was the camaraderie we developed as a group and great laughs and stories we shared.

So - thank you very much indeed for allowing us to share all this with you.

It is very much appreciated.

One last thing - please also thank Jen for the delicious risotto at June's house and allowing us to visit the women's refuge centre where she has done so much to not only allow the the local women to capitalise on their creativity, but also give them back their face and pride.

 John Brewin    17th July 2017

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Jane Kirkcaldie    16th July 2017

We are home to 9C with many vivid, mind-stretching and body-challenging, fun memories of an incredible trip to the Kimberley country!

 It was a fantastic experience on every level and we appreciated all the planning and the gear that you organised on our behalf, not forgetting your patience, with a group of 'wandering' swagaroos.

The variety of experiences from the community at Fitzroy Crossing, the walks and destinations, the camp fire stories and delicious food, to the road trips as we moved around in our bubble of four vehicles was wonderful.  

Thank you, Jen, for the superb risotto at June's house and the insight to Marnin - tea-towels are beavering away in my kitchen, a  reminder of the life-changing work you are doing.  We'll look forward to hearing more about the Darwin fashion week.  I'm sure it will be a huge success, and how lovely to have Kari's input and the young shoe designers.  

 It wasn't until we returned to civilisation, so to speak, and I saw all the cars and tourists at Tunnel Creek, that I realised fully the magic of the world you opened up to us - off the beaten track, untouched and with the blessing of the local community.  It was a privilege and I think also a sign of their great respect and appreciation for all that you are doing.

 Jeremy Cutts29th June 2017

We’ve finally have managed to get rid of the all the red dust that has worked its way into every nook and cranny of our bedding and clothing and enjoying a hot shower and bottomless G and T’s - but so missing our mad mates, stories around the camp fires, fashion forward trendsetters, spontaneous photo takers, fastidious trailer packers, winches, low ratios and picking up after Louie!

 Thank you so much everyone for a fabulous trip, we loved every minute of it.

Louise Armitt28th June 2017

Everyone has expressed all the gratitude and appreciation that I had been thinking of writing!  A+ and 100 points to you on such a well considered and organised trip! Am so grateful that I was included to share your passion and commitment to such a beautiful part of the world!

 Kathleen Broderick28th June 2017

Thanks for your well organised and authentic Kimberley Country trip. It was fabulous.

I became so relaxed, enjoyed so much being in such a different cultural and landscape (not to mention beautiful sunshine!).  I am in shock because I’ve had an abrupt adjustment back to my working world!  Canberra was down to minus 3 degrees on Sunday night!

 Richard Marsh28th June 2017

Thanks for such a wonderful outback adventure. Jane and I haven’t been camping for years so it was lovely to get back to nature. We get so spoilt with our creature comforts it is truly refreshing to get back to basics.

What a great group of people to do the tour with as well. To all of you, thanks for such an inclusive welcome to your friendship circle.

 Jane Stephens    26th July 2017

The trip was fantastic on all accounts and I do feel I have learnt so much about that amazing part of the Kimberley and can proudly advocate to others about the country we have passed through, the plight of the Indigenous and the success of your inspiring insight which has resulted in this trip.  I am rested and feel I have been away for  more than just the week. The challenging parts to camping have all been overshadowed by the beautiful starry nights, the incredible quiet, the amazing weather and the wonderful companionship of the group!!

I cant stop thinking about the early morning swim with Yab and lou and the Quarry swim which was my highlight...thank god you told me about the probable presence of crocs (fresh water and harmless!!) after that swim !